“Multiple Singularities” exhibition documentation

“Moscow Cinema Project”, installation view, xhibit
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 02.06. – 06.09.2020

Multiple Singularities

Initiators: Jelena Micić, Anastasiya Yarovenko
Artists: Ting-Jung Chen, Vasilena Gankovska, Jelena Micić, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Martina Z. Šimkovičová, Anastasiya Yarovenko

Sharing a socio-politically sensitive approach, the exhibition and its extensive additional program titled Multiple Singularities present installation works and visual research projects of both alumni and students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The field of investigation is public space and its occurrences, while the formal approach of the exhibited works often refer to modernist abstraction. Multiple methods, media, and articulations are functioning in unison to convey insights into multifaceted disciplinary endeavors. Last but not least, the presentation of these artistic research practices proposes solutions to discrepancies posed by the urban realm.

“Moscow Cinema Project”, exhibition stills (c)Martin Wimmer 2020

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