Bleischwer, an exhibition with Lara Erel, Vasilena Gankovska and Jelena Micic in Fabrikraum, Vienna

Lara Erel, Vasilena Gankovska and Jelena Micić
Fabrikraum Project Space
Johnstraße 25-27, 2/R02, 1150 Vienna
Opening: 10th January at 7 p.m.

Bleischwer (Eng. as heavy as lead) is a collaborative installation between three artists thematising continuous personal interpretations of cultural heritage and memory. Artistic (re)imagination goes beyond established roles of nowadays European identities and founds artistic research on the times after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

By revealing and challenging latent cultural and economical hegemonism, the works highlight the instability of narratives around documentary and archival material, tending to redefine positions and relations. From post-socialism, through non-alignment and post-colonial attitudes, the installation is setting a focus on family and personal collections, where different perspectives, often emotionally loaded, address the museum settings and politics of display.

The show is accompanied by a critical text written by Deniz Güvensoy.
The installation KOŽA by Jelena Micić is supported by the Project Funding of the Akbild Student Union.