Urban interventions at Sense of a City, Plovdiv, July 2019



URBAN INTERVENTIONS tackles the problem of the city surroundings, which very often contain graffiti or tags with offending, sexist or racist connotations, which could unlock different negative experiences, feelings of insecurity and even a sense of imminent threat. Replacing them with friendly and positive, inclusive messages and images, can change people’s experiences in the city. Different elements of street art techniques are used in these series of specially created motifs, as well as slogans and instructions which could highlight the friendly and inclusive character of the environment they are placed in.

The project is part of the art interventions, curаted by The Fridge and realized as part of “Sense of a City: Inclusive, Safe and Sustainable Plovdiv”, a project by the Bulgarian Fund for Women, implemented as a part of the program Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019.

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