Situation 1, 2016



Situation 1


What can happen in one “simple” room? In one apartment, which is not really an apartment? On the second floor, which is not really the second floor because the height is of the fifth floor? Things there seem simple and clear, while in a broader sense they reformulate and comment the surrounding physical space and environment in which we live.

There are no clear formulas. They are not needed.

The only task that Vasilena Gankovska aims is to make us feel good. Therefore she bravely mixes painting, ceramics and any other (sometimes weird) objects. Materials of everyday life that are used in order to be found their hidden and beautiful nature. The architecture of the city has entered the intimate space of the house, but it is not intrusive or aggressive.

Everything is immersed in soft light and colors. Forms reminiscent the design of the 1970s. Not surprisingly on the table are placed books that guide us towards that time. There is also a catalogue of the artist and her book “Visual Strategies”.


Text: Boris Kostadinov