Colouring the Structure – 2016

miami_hanging_1The new series by Vasilena Gankovska is a logical evolution of the personal style of the artist. This evolution has a long history over the years through the development of different concepts based on the architecture and the urban environment and their relation/reflection of important social processes.
Very often in her works one or another architectural object has the role of a character. It is not frozen aesthetic form but it has its own internal dynamics and it is based on real facts of economic, political or social history of one or another concrete place.
In the newest pictures, Gankovska again uses the same analytical and critical approach but changing the perspective, the viewpoint, the construction and the structure of the image. If her previous works were based on the “documentary” coverage of the site, now the viewer can see its main features but at the same time they are drastically changed by a deconstructivist method.

miami_hanging_2How exactly this artistic process is implemented? It is a product of two basic preconditions.
On the one hand there is the aesthetic nature of the object. It can be a big residential building of a post-socialist city, a private bourgeois house or even a whole complex of buildings. Of course such objects have different aesthetics, different architectural language and different social base.
On the other hand the artist is inspired by the history of art and design from the period of the 1960s -1980s. The principles of minimalism and deconstruction are attached to the authentic look of the depicted objects. Thus leading to the creation of a new language – much more sculptural and much more compact. A language which reaches the simplified beauty of massive and semantically related symbols. A language that relies on beautifully balanced color harmonies – dynamically creating intense structures placed on flat backgrounds.

Boris Kostadinov